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Mommy Mocha?

Friday Sep 08, 2006 08:13:00 PM

Mocha has been acting very strange lately. She is not as snuggly and loving as she has always been, in fact she puches her mommy away and bites very hard now. She is also getting rather fat... leading to the general theory that she may be pregnant! Is Kemper really ready to be a father?! If anyone has ever dealt with pregnant chins please let me know so I can determine if she is or is not... I hate to go to the vet and it turn out to be chinchilla obesity (then my vet would yell at me for being a bad mommy) but she has been acting rather strange... hmmm...

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Posted By: 2006/10/03 05:01:31 PM
well even if you are sick and are in a bad condition contact a vet no matter what :( so what if he says your a bad owner you know its not true! ;) lets see him try to take care of 6 of you! :P

Posted By: 2006/10/03 04:59:41 PM
-no right to call your mom a bad owner :(

Posted By: 2006/10/03 04:59:27 PM
no its oks! but I know the vet would NEVER say that! >:( if that does happen ignore him! your mommy is NOT a bad owner! lots of animals have injuries,sick,ect. it ALWAYS happens(or atleast will) if a vet says that he should get his butt kicked cuz he has

Posted By: Mocha 2006/09/21 03:43:48 PM
I am not pregnant :( I was just very mad at my mommy and to teach her a lesson I acted very horrible towards her... so I am sorry

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